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Muse Gallery Preview

Following the success of previous installations, the walls at Kensington Place will be showcasing a specially commissioned exhibition by The Muse Gallery presenting various artists. Join us on Wednesday the 23rd January around a glass of fizz and canapes to meet the artists and discover their amazing work.

Chris Dawes
Following an M.A. in History at Peterhouse Cambridge I have spent the intervening decades working as a photographer in diverse mediums from fashion, advertising, and reportage to portraiture and landscape, concentrating on these latter two in recent years. While I have travelled extensively in the course of my career, I still live in Notting Hill, a source of inspiration and enjoyment.

Małgorzata Łapsa-Malawska
Małgorzata (Gosia) Łapsa-Malawska is a Polish born artist currently based in London. Extensively travelled across South America and Asia, her practice is rooted in the ‘Young Poland Movement’ and informed by the simplicity and subtlety at the core of Japanese aesthetics. Loosely based on the principle of ideas following the brush wherever it leads, fragments of memories are condensed into semi abstract landscapes, with figures reduced to silhouettes and shadows. Using a pared down palette fading from Payne’s grey to white allow the artist’s conscience to disappear into the horizon while at the same time conjuring a universal subconscience.
The fleetingness of time, the inevitability of transience, are encapsulated in textures and marks; these may even be further reduced by keeping the process of stretching the canvas till last as a final homage to the beauty that lies in imperfection and deterioration.

Lee Yuan Ching
Lee started at a very young age by practicing calligraphy with his father and grew up studying the traditional Chinese painting techniques. Since his early 20’s his work in both calligraphy and painting has been shown extensively across Asia and has won a number of awards in Taiwan.
Over the development of his career Lee began establishing his own contemporary approach to his traditional ink painting foundation. Lees recent practice is the continual evolution of that approach; creating highly skilled, traditionally influenced yet uniquely modern pieces. Extending beyond canvas and rice paper is a remarkable collection of collaborative works in ceramics currently showing in select galleries in Taiwan and China.
Beyond this body of work Lee has realised that his artistic expression can act as a vehicle to pursue his own experiments into the true self. Influenced by natural surroundings, Lee now strives to understand, through his work, the deepest emotional nature of humanity, and reflect that beauty through his progressive craft.

Mark Tamer
For me the click of the camera marks the beginning of the process. Often that initial image is just an inkling of an idea, a feeling that it may be interesting. This then needs further work to tease out, to chip away at, until I can get to the essence of what it is. This process is a time of experimentation and of trying to find the correct expression of that initial idea. I may have many versions, before choosing the image that best satisfies this.

The Muse gallery was established by artists, to support emerging contemporaries by combining creative and commercial concepts under one roof.
Subject to a successful application, we also offer exhibition space to more established artists at a nominal commission. With limited slots per year, we look to our panel of affiliated artists and esteemed professionals to elect shows and offer comprehensive appraisals to those proposals still in need of refinement.